Kirkless Loves & Dough!

Kirkless Loves & Dough!


Spiltmilk dance have been out searching for local soties of love in all it’s forms; from beloved family pets to fondly remembered places, from food that sets our hears a-flutter to friends that we couldn’t be without.  Kirklees Loves gives insights in to where cupid’s arrow falls in North Kirklees.

Theatre makers Olivia Furber and Alice Bonefico have been working with gastro artist Carmen C. Wong to reawaken our food memories.  Exploring local kitchens, they have been sharing recipies, tastes of home and encouraging us to play with our food.  Dough! Is a sensory performance for families.

All session by Kirkless Loves & Dough!

Kirklees Love & Dough!

12:00 - 13:00
Cleckheaton Library