Iain Pattison

Newyork Post's GM

Iain Pattison

Newyork Post's GM
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Iain Pattison is best known as a humourist – penning pastiches, skits and comic short stories. But he has a darker side. Under the pen – name Jay Raven, he writes gothic horror and dark fantasy; unsettling tales that delve into the macabre and the mysterious.


In this workshop he lifts the coffin lid on the secrets of writing creepy tales and spell-binding fantasies.  From shaping truly frightening monsters, to making magic believable, he demonstrates the techniques for sending a shiver down the spine, and making even the most familiar tales fiendishly fresh.


Topics include – why when it comes to blood and gore, less is more. Avoiding hackneyed plots and settings. Creating villains we care about. How to inject menace and jeopardy. Why we like to be frightened. Giving vampires and werewolves a modern makeover.


Whether you’re enthralled by Game of Thrones or want to hammer horror, learn how to make your fantasy writing dreams into a reality.



All session by Iain Pattison

Short Story Workshop

10:00 - 12:00
Cleckheaton Library