James Nash & Matthew Hedley Stoppard

James Nash & Matthew Hedley Stoppard


James Nash illuminates, wonderfully, the small details and the large issues of life, love and language. [He writes] magical and memorable poems: poignant yet rich with humour, and underpinned, above all, by a great humanity.’
— Sarah Waters

“Matthew Hedley Stoppard uses inventive language and striking imagery … [he has written] one of the most arresting poetry collections of the year.”
 The Guardian

Since 2014, Leeds-based poets James Nash and Matthew Hedley Stoppard have been visiting the sites of legendary picture-houses, and documenting their current status with two inimitable, unmistakable poetic voices – whilst also considering the remarkable shared (yet personal) experience that is cinema-going…

Before the Second World War, there were around seventy cinemas operating in Leeds. Now, though some remain open, most of these ‘forgotten temples’ have been repurposed or demolished.

All session by James Nash & Matthew Hedley Stoppard

Cinema Stories

16:00 - 18:00
Cleckheaton Library