Gillian Rogerson

Gillian Rogerson


Gillian Rogerson has been publishing books for the last 15 years, both traditionally published books and self-published ones. She writes children’s books under her own name and mystery books under her pen name of Gillian Larkin. Since going down the self-publishing route, Gillian has been able to achieve her dream of giving up her day job and becoming a full-time author.

Learn about the self-publishing business from the things you should do before you publish your book to the most effective ways to market your published book. The talk will include ways to work out where to place your book in the Amazon marketplace and how your book cover should look depending on your chosen genre.

Details of useful software will be given, including one that allows you to ‘spy’ on your competition and see how many books they are selling each day and how much they are earning.

All session by Gillian Rogerson

Self-Publishing Workshop

10:00 - 12:00
Cleckheaton Library